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3-6 Family or Adults: Medium Cabin @ Gold

3-6 Family or Adults: Medium Cabin @ Gold

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Our Medium Cabin includes 3-6 all-inclusive passes to Bear Music Fest. Cabin price includes meals, lodging, and access to all shows and events for the weekend of September 9th - 11th, 2016.

Medium Cabins are wooden and canvas-topped, and come equipped with twin-sized mattresses & bed frames, an electrical outlet, a light, and a shelving unit.

Families with children ages 17 & under can camp at Gold for a discount! Just select one of the family group size options for the discount to be applied automatically.

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Want more bang for your buck? Don't mind squeezing a couple more people into your cabin? Although space will be tight, adding 1-2 people to your cabin is a way to save money.


  • Available for three age groups: Adult (18+), Child (4-17), and Child (0-3).
  • Must be purchased accompanying a Small, Medium, or Large Cabin order.
  • Maximum of 2 Add-On Passes per cabin order.
  • Some cabins require bunkbeds to accommodate the additional people.
  • Applicable at both Blue and Gold.

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For more information, please visit our Passes Guide.