Bear Music Fest
Summer Camp • House Party • Music Festival


not your average house party in the woods...

Welcome to Bear Music Fest, a new music festival taking root in Northern California this September. This “music-lover’s” festival focuses, above all, on building new and meaningful relationships between artists and fans.

Although the beautiful mountain setting cries out for some John Denver, we are not tied to any specific genre and are looking to toss it up a bit, presenting acts that break the mold of what is expected. Alongside acoustic performances nestled in the trees are intimate main stage concert jams, poolside parties and a Sat evening late night bash in our lodge. We have added DJ's, indie electronica and a punk band with an electric cello player... There are no "fillers". If you want your music to be truly heard and listened to, this is a festival for you. 

With a limited number of cabins, this festival is uniquely small and personal. Our exclusive guests & artists are invited for the whole immersive weekend of music, nature and community. Lodging and meals included as part of the festival. There are opportunities for multiples set if desired and with very few overlapping sets each performance is billed as a "featured event'.  

festival details


don't you worry 'bout a thing

Although Stevie won't be in attendance, we can promise artist's lodging, meals, and entertainment will be provided for the extended weekend.

more than a pretty face

Give listeners a closer connection outside the performance setting by participating in a Q&A, song circle, interview, or jam session.

Relax & reconnect

Bear Music Fest gives artists the opportunity to take a break from their nonstop touring schedules and enjoy a weekend getaway. Slow down, breathe in the mountain air, and re-connect with what matters most.


Bear Music Fest is a close-knit community, giving way for artists to build lasting relationships with new and excited fans.

Multiple Sets

Our two semi-separated camps will allow artists to perform sets to different audiences.


Bear Music Fest features 7 stages throughout its two camps. Each stage varies in vibe and capacity to accommodate a wide range of artists and musical styles. Not your average massive festival, our more modestly-sized stages allow artists to connect closely with their listeners.

Main Stages (2)

Headliners will be featured on one of our two main stages. Surrounding a large campfire, our main stages seat 300+ people on campy, stadium-style benches.  Standard backline is provided with quality sound systems and FOH engineers.

Pool Stage

The perfect spot for DJs, small bands and our afternoon barbecues. Oh... and the hot tub :)

THE Lodge

Our indoor lodge, with surrounding deck overlooking the pool and hot tub, will host after-hour jams and our Saturday night stage performance & dance party.


Performances, story-telling, and activities specifically to entertain the little ones at the festival. Unique to our festival, parents are able to drop children off at supervised activities so they can go watch music on the main stages.

Creekside Stages (2)

Our intimate Creekside Stages are perfect for acoustic and solo acts, seating up to 50 people or more immersed in the woods.

who are we?

Bear Music Fest is an independently produced music festival. No big promoter or corporate backing, just 3 friends (and colleagues) who fell in love with the unique mountain setting and a crazy idea to showcase some of their favorite music to a small group of people for this very special and exclusive weekend.

Amanda Back & Kevin Merritt are the owners of One Foot Productions.
Leah Lane is the owner of Strong Brew.


One Foot Productions is an innovative entertainment company focused on conceiving, creating, and executing impactful, music-based live experiences delivered across multiple mediums (theatrical, traditional, and streaming broadcast). Its founders, Amanda Back and Kevin Merritt, each have over 20 years of experience in production and development.

Now in its 10th year, One Foot Productions is proud of its mix of large scale music driven events, such as the NBA All Star Halftime performances, smaller concept driven shows like VH1’s Make A Band Famous, and grassroots development for powerful, non-broadcast, theatrical presentations like Music2Life’s Music Matters and the musical Great Wall. Some of their other recent and favorite credits: Concert for Valor, MTV Logo Trailblazer Awards, Broadway at The White House, 2009 & 2013 Presidential Inauguration Balls and Concerts and this year's Democratic Convention.

Our partner, Strong Brew, is a Bay Area live event production company lead by Leah Harper.  Strong Brew is currently involved in the production of MTV's Woodies, Logo's Trailblazer Awards & VH1's upcoming Hip Hop Honors.