All Bear Music Fest passes include meals, lodging, and access to all shows and events for the weekend of September 9th - 11th, 2016. Prices of our all-inclusive passes vary based on your cabin & group size. For more information, please visit our Passes Guide.

Single Adult Pass OPTIONS


1. Single Adult Pass @ Bear Music Fest

You will join a shared, "hostel"-style cabin with 3-5 other festival attendees. You can choose to camp with the same gender or coed as you prefer. (Bathrooms are separate from the cabins.)

Where should I camp, Blue Vs. Gold?


Cabin Option:
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2. Stay @ The Lair of the Bear's
Young Alumni Weekend


Those of you who graduated between 2004-2016 have the option of signing up for Young Alumni Weekend through Lair of the Golden Bear. All Young Alumni Weekend attendees will receive passes to the festival!

Lodging and meals are held at Camp Oski (a short walk away from Bear Music Fest's Camps Blue & Gold) and dates are September 8th - 11th, 2016

Get Passes @ Young Alumni Weekend

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