Bear Music Fest
Summer Camp • House Party • Music Festival

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Example Bear music fest ARTIST Email

** Below is just a sample email to give you some ideas on how to introduce the festival to your audience.
Of course feel free to do whatever you want. **


[Artist Name] at Bear Music Fest!

I want to let you know about a very special event coming up in the mountains of central California (not far from Yosemite) - [Artist Name] will be playing at the first ever Bear Music Fest, in Pinecrest, California, September 9th through 11th, alongside bands like [List some of the other bands if relevant]. 

It’s gonna be So. Much. Fun. 

The deal is that this is an all-inclusive festival, where guests and bands stay for the whole weekend in provided tent cabins. It's not quite "glamping" and not quite camping: Think summer camp.

Shows are strategically spaced throughout the day so there's time to see music, swim at the pool, and even go on a hike. Meals and accommodations are all INCLUDED as well as camp-style kids activities (if you have little ones in tow). Doesn't it sound pretty awesome?!  

And if you use my promo code you get 10% off!
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  • Camping with your friends
  • Great bands that you can hang out with
  • Beautiful mountain setting

What’s not to like? 

Come rock out with us - I would LOVE to see you there! Check the link, and then if you have any further questions, email me. 

See you there,

[Artist Name]