Special Tribe passes for Bear Music Fest!

September 9th - 11th, Lair of the Golden Bear, Pinecrest, CA

The Tribe @ Bear Music Fest
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The Tribe @ Bear Music Fest
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We want you! Many of you have heard bits and pieces about Bear Music Fest, and now's the time for our HARD SELL. This passion project of Kevin, Leslie, & Mike Baker is coming to fruition very soon and the one missing piece is YOU!

Here are the top 5 reasons you should commit to joining us at Bear Music Fest:

  1. The Lair is beautiful and amazing! ...and is at the deep root of the Tribe's history. For those who haven't been, you need to experience it. For those who've been... come home!
  2. We have reserved a block of tents all near each other so we can all hangout together.
  3. $250 instead of “$350” per adult AND your kids are free.

  4. Supervised camp activities for the kids while you watch music. Seriously! The Lair staff watches your kids!
  5. Radio Nowhere (Mike Baker) is playing!! Ryel K is DJ'ing And rumor has it Tom Hamilton & Rick Starbuck will grace us with a guest set... Aparna, are you next?

Actually there is one more reason...

6.  If enough people commit we think the FOMO will convince Dean to fly out for the weekend!

Committed so far (based on rumors we are starting):

  • Jamey & Tara
  • Colin & Kristen
  • Shannon & Abe
  • Ren & Harris
  • Eric & Andy
  • Ang & Rick
  • Mike & Dana
  • Leslie & Kevin
  • Janelle & Tim
  • Maggie
  • Anne McCarthy
  • Joel Berman
  • Tom Hamilton
  • Gabbi
  • Gina & Jason
  • Ryel K (& Kids)

...add your name to this list!

We have made it easy. We discounted the adult price and made your kids free (don't tell Kevin's business partner!!)


Seriously think about it.

Xoxo, Kevin, Leslie & Mike

** all questions welcome