volunteer registration form

Thanks for your interest in volunteering at Bear Music Fest! We greatly appreciate your support and dedication to this grandiose labor of love.

Filling out the volunteer registration form below does not require you to volunteer, nor does it guarantee you a volunteer spot, as we may receive more volunteer requests than we are able to accommodate. With that in mind, the more you let us know your interests & skills, the better. We will send official volunteer offers and schedules as soon as possible this summer so people can plan accordingly. Any relevant updates or changes will be sent throughout the summer as the festival evolves.

A couple important items to note:

--- TRAVEL ---
All volunteers are expected to to arrange their own travel to/from the festival in Pinecrest, CA.

Although we cannot provide volunteers with monetary compensation, volunteers can opt to receive individualized festival discounts, the scope of which will depend on the services they can provide and/or the needs of the festival. Discount examples range from discounted passes to complimentary meals & lodging for the weekend.

If the above sounds workable, please register as a volunteer by submitting the following form:

how to get there

Location: Lair of the Golden Bear in Pinecrest, CA
Approx. 3 hours east of San Francisco.

Directions from:

* Ride shares and/or carpools may be available depending on who is coming and when.


Please send all questions & concerns to volunteer@bearmusic.com.