Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 6-8, 2019

2018 Schedule

2018 BMF Schedule

Whether you're looking for a chill acoustic performance, a rocking pool party, or an intimate fireside set, Bear Music Fest has you covered. You'll find diverse performances around every corner—unique stages wait for you under tall pine trees, beside rushing creeks, and nestled within rustic lodges. There's something new to discover everywhere you look at BMF.  We also try not to overlap many shows so you don't have to make choices. You can do it all!

Note: Show times and locations are subject to change.  We will publish changes here as they happen here.
(Specific kids schedule & meal schedule will be published soon.)

Thurs September 6, 2018 (with Back Stage Pass)

9:30PM-11:30PM — Afrolicious BMF House Party! @ Blue Lodge
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FRI September 7, 2018

1:30PM-3:30PM — Blue Pool Open!                                                                                                                                                  
Let the pool vibe welcome you to BMF as you arrive!

4:00PM-6:00PM — Afrolicious Pool Party & BBQ @ Blue Pool

7:00PM-8:30PM — Ghost of Paul Revere @ Blue Creekside                                                                                                                                          

8:45PM-10:15PM —  Kate Kay Es @ Blue Campfire

10:30PM-12:00AM — Brothers Comatose @ Blue Lodge                                                                                                                    

12:00AM-1:00AM — T Sisters @ Blue Fireside                                                                                                                                                  

SAT september 8, 2018

9:45AM-10:45AM — Helen Gillet @ Gold Creekside

11:00AM-12:00PM —  Kate Kay Es @ Gold Creekside

2:30PM-4:00PM — Music Workshop & BearJam w/BMF Artists @ Gold Lodge

4:00PM-5:30PM — Brother Comatose Cocktail Party @ Gold Lodge

6:0PM-7:30PM — Puckett Family Project @ Gold Lodge

10:00AM-11:00AM — TBD Songwriters Set @ Blue Lodge                

11:15AM-11:45PM — Amalia Watty @ Blue Creekside

12:00PM-1:00PM — Terry Family Band @ Blue Creekside

1:00PM-2:00PM — Songwriters Circle @ Blue Creekside


8:00PM-9:00PM — Speakeasē @ Blue Creekside

9:15PM-10:30PM — Ghost of Paul Revere @ Blue Campfire

10:45PM-12:15AM — The Last Bandoleros @ Blue Lodge

12:15AM-1:AM — Sonny Step @ Blue Fireside 

SUN september 9, 2018

10:00AM-10:45AM — TBD Songwriters Set @ Blue Lodge                

11:00AM-12:00PM — Helen Gillet @ Blue Creekside

12:00PM-1:00PM — Sonny Stepp @ Blue Creekside

9:45AM-10:15AM — Amalia Watty @ Gold Creekside

10:15AM-11:15PM —  T Sisters @ Gold Creekside

11:30AM-12:30PM —  The Last Bandoleros @ Gold Creekside

1:30PM-3:00PM — Puckett Family Project @ Blue Pool

3:30PM-5:00PM — Live Karaoke & Jam @ Blue Pool

6:45AM-8:30PM — Sunset BearJam @ Therapy