Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 7-9, 2018
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Pricing Calculator


2018 Pricing Calculator

All Passes Include Meals, Lodging & Cabin Accommodations!

Private cabins start at $329 per adult (discounted price before Aug 1).
Shared hostel-style cabins start at $199 per adult.

I'd like to sleep at (Blue vs. Gold)

Staying in my cabin will be Adults ,    Teens (13-17),   and Children (6-12, ages 0-5 attend free!)

I am arriving and departing
  • Small
  • SOLD OUT at Blue
  • 1 left at Gold
  • Medium
  • 1 left at Blue
  • 2 left at Gold
  • Large
  • 4 left at Blue
  • 3 left at Gold

The above prices are estimates. If you are part of a group your specific price may vary slightly when you check out.
A 15% discount is automatically applied for reservations made before July 1, 2018. Prices increase every 15 days afterwards.
Groups with more than a 15% discount will receive the group discount instead.

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Less than 11 cabins left. Next price increase August 1st!

When should I arrive & when should I leave?

The festival officially runs from the afternoon of Fri Sept 7th until the evening of Sun Sept 9th. We understand that due to travel from long distances or scheduling around traffic, some people would like to arrive earlier or stay later.  We created the BACKSTAGE PASS to accomodate this. 

This early entry pass starts on the Thurs Sept 6th with extra meals beginning at Thurs' dinner for those who come early. This pass extends until breakfast on Monday.  There are no additional shows during this time but we do run some sound checks with bands and continue to get the stages ready for our official start.  Sunday night we head up the hill 15 min to a place to watch the sunset together (Therapy) and there is often an impromptu jam.  That evening some people hang out at the lodge while while the crews continue to breakdown.  In the past, it’s been a fun, relaxing fun vibe. If you don't mind being behind-the-scenes you will love it.  (You can even chip in if you want!)

DETAILS: When you go to pay for your passes, just select your arrival/departure dates and the extra amounts will be added to your total if they apply.  The price calculator above can help you estimate your total price.  You will get 4 extra meals and two extra nights of lodging.  The pass covers early entry AND late departure whether you use both or just one.  There is no extra cost for kids to arrive early or stay late if they are with an adult.