what's the buzz?

summer camp, house party and music fest
ALL at the same time!

Summer Camp

Bring your sleeping bag! Everything else is being taken care of. Taking place on 100 acres of the Lair of the Bear summer camp, we are complete with swimming pools, ping pong tables, dining halls, lodges, and campfire pits. Performances happen throughout the camp, giving you ample opportunity to integrate with nature and make some new pen pals.

House Party

Some festivals out there like to boast about how big they are. We are focused on small and personal. Intimate stages, a community vibe, and real connections with other guests and artists are what we are going for. Our goal is to make you feel at home the minute you park your car.

Music Festival

First and foremost we are live entertainment producers. Don't let the laid back feel fool you. The high quality and diverse acts, music, sound systems, curated events, and customer service are all at the top of our priority list. It's what we do in the "real world."


an eclectic musical adventure awaits...

Bear Music Fest is an event for music-lovers rather than a "fan-fest." Alongside acoustic performances nestled in the trees are main stage jams, poolside parties and a late night bash in the lodge. Although the beautiful mountain setting cries out for some John Denver, we are not tied to any specific genre, tossing it up a bit by presenting acts that break the mold. We have alternative rock, soul, reggae, electro-pop, and a punk band with an electric cello player!

It’s simple: you are a fan of great music and we consider it our duty to introduce you to artists that will excite and inspire you.

all in & all good

All Bear Music Fest passes include meals, lodging, and access to all shows & events for the weekend of September 9-11, 2016.  And for those who want to bring the little ones, there are supervised activities for children so parents can watch some of the music unsupervised! Imagine that...

Location: Lair of the Golden Bear

Located just three hours east of the Bay Area at 5,600 feet in beautiful Pinecrest, CA, the Lair of the Golden Bear’s fresh air, sunshine, and surrounding natural beauty provide guests with an amazing mountain playground.