Festival Dates: Sept 8th - 10th, 2017

All passes are ALL-INCLUSIVE.  

You will receive accommodations, meals and access to all events (shows & workshops) and activities (kids programs, pools, hot tub, tennis courts, ping pong shuffleboard, etc...)

Get yourself there and there is nothing else to buy (unless you want to enjoy a cappuccino  in the morning!) 

Select a choice below to purchase passes. 

  • Private Cabins
  • $125/child     $175/teen     $ 300/adult
  • Weekend Pass - All-inclusive!
  • Small (2), Med (3+) & Large (5+) Cabins
  • Option of Blue or Gold Areas
  • NEW! Option for Thurs arrival & Mon departure
  • Single Passes
  • $ 195 - $ 275
  • Weekend Pass - All-inclusive!
  • Shared space in large cabin
  • Option of Blue, Gold or Oski Areas
  • NEW! Option for Thurs arrival & Mon departure

Backstage Passes!!!

If you would like to arrive earlier than Fri or leave Monday, you have the option of purchasing a "Backstage Pass".  The "Backstage Pass" includes 4 additional meals (Thurs dinner, Fri breakfast & lunch, Mon breakfast) and two additional night of accommodations (Thurs & Sun).  NOTE: There will not be any shows on Thursday evening or Fri morning but you are welcome to enjoy the camp and observe our settup/soundchecks as long as you don't get in the way ;)

Backstage passes can be purchase via your CABIN RESERVATION DASHBOARD as an add-on to your exsiting pass.

Create A Group For More Discounts

NOTE: Incremental Group Discounting ended July 24th 2017. However, you can still join an existing group or create a group to share with your friends to keep you all connected.

1. I was sent a custom GROUP link from friends/Family

Great! If you were forwarded a group link from someone, then all you need to do is
click that link and reserve your cabin(s) connected to that group.

The group URL will look something like this:

2. I want to create my own GROUP link

With a custom group link you can connect your family and friends together and receive a discount on passes.  Group guests will be placed near each other as much as possible. You will have your own dashboard to see who has reserved cabins and track the amount of your discount.

NOTE: The incremental group discounting deadline has passed.  All new groups over 5 people will receive a fixed 5% discount for all members of the group.

Many questions about groups are answered are on our FAQ page.

Click the button below to quickly create your own Bear Music Fest group which you can then use to reserve your cabin(s).

What do the cabins look like?

For more information on cabins read our Cabins & Passes Guide


If you have any questions don't hesitate to visit our FAQ or reach out to us at passes@bearmusicfest.com.

We can't wait to see you in the mountains this fall!