Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 6-8, 2019

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Artist Spotlight: Kevin So

Kevin does everything from R&B to country. He's even written a musical. 

Since graduating from Boston Latin School, Kevin So has released several albums, toured the world, earned the respect of fellow musicians, won over members of press and radio, and built a loyal global fan base. We caught up with Kevin to find out what he’s up to this summer – and what he’ll be bringing to the festival!

Hey Kevin - what do you have going on right now?

Well, I’m up to a bunch of stuff, but I’m probably most excited about my European tour for a charity project, where I’m fronting a big band and playing songs from an album we cut at the legendary Sun Studios, in Memphis.

What is it about the Bear Music Festival that made you want to be a part of it?

I’m super-honored to be a part of it! I like the idea of being part of something that’s bigger than myself, and I’m really looking forward to meeting other musicians and jamming with other people. This really feels like it could be part of a community, with sort of a Woodstock kind of vibe, or, like the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. I really want to hear all the original songs!

You wrote the music for an award-winning musical called “Great Wall,” which is actually based on your life and experience; will you be playing some of those songs?

The show’s about my alter-ego, who’s sort of a Justin Timberlake, Asian-style, superstar - but I would like the audience to meet me, the real guy. Also, theater really has to be witnessed. Like, you’re not going to see Hamilton on YouTube! I respect theater so much, and I don’t want to shortchange these songs by taking them out of context. But I will play a song or two from the show, and explain what they are and where they come from.

You do so many different styles of music; what should the audience expect this time around?

I want to play some stuff off my latest, country-flavored record, but I’ll probably do a taste of everything that I’ve done. In all my shows, I try to be as vulnerable and naked as possible. I just try to be myself, and what I do best, which is solo. The audience wants to see a show, they want to see a concert, and I’ll be putting on a show. 

Sound like fun? 

We think so too! We can’t wait to see the many sides of Kevin So – and you – at Bear Music Fest!