Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 10-13, 2020!
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The BMF Experience

"Lose yourself in the woods
with an end of summer reunion of music discovery."


The BMF Experience:
How are we different?

Let's face it, festivals are everywhere!  There is no shortage of amazing summertime events with music.  So why in the world would we start another?!

We created Bear Music Fest to offer a combination of something we haven't found in most other festivals.  The opportunity to hang out with friends while enjoying intimate performances of amazing artists in a stunning setting.  What could be better?

In designing the BMF experience we focus on the following:

Immersion in Nature


Cap off your summer in the magnificent Sierras. The Lair's sprawling 100-acre camp is complete with swimming pools, lodges, fire pits, and more.  Our campfire-lit stages and creekside concerts are a perfect retreat to soak up SUMMER CAMP nostalgia.  Enjoy the smell of the redwoods, nature, and morning walks to Pinecrest lake.

Small & Personal


No lines, no crowds, no stress. Enjoy intimate, HOUSE PARTY vibes allowing space for real connections.  Guest and artists stay for the weekend so there is truly time to engage.  Oh, and no need to worry about rushing to "save a seat".  There are no bad seats and everyone is a VIP so you’ll feel at home from the moment you arrive. 

Music Discovery


We are proud of our selective lineup of seasoned veterans mixed with young up-and-comers and make it our mission to introduce you to artists you won’t find at just any MUSIC FEST.  But don't let our laid back attitude fool you — We are live entertainment producers in the "real world" so unhurried performances, professional sound systems, and a stunning setting are top priorities.  


This is perhaps our most important and defining feature.  No vendor villages, no $15 taco trucks, no sponsor kiosks.   Get ready for a worry-free weekend: our all-inclusive passes include lodging, meals, and events  the entire weekend.  We even provide separate activities for your kids so you can watch music...alone!  Got a favorite nosh or drink?  Bring it!  We want you to be comfortable and happy and let's face it, being forced to pull out your wallet for overpriced snacks doesn't make anyone smile.

How do we compare?

Other Festivals Bear Music Fest
Weekend Pass ~ $290 - $400+ per adult $300-340 per adult
Lodging +$150 - $500 per campsite included
Meals +$30 - $50 per day included
Parking +$30 - $50 included
Ticket Fees + $10 or more included
VIP Pass +$500 - $1000 or more! Everyone is VIP!
TOTAL WEEKEND COST from $500 - $1000 + per adult from $300-340 all-in per adult

The buzz! #overheardBMF

“It felt like a week’s worth of music, and community, and experience packed into a couple days... There’s something about falling in love with an artist you’ve never heard of, it’s like you’re in on some sort of secret... Just go. You won’t regret it. You will love it." - Lizzie A.

“I’ve been to a bunch of music festivals, and Bear Music Fest is honestly my favorite...Nothing was so intimate, and friendly, and so about community as Bear Music Fest. It’s like summer camp for grownups... Magic doesn’t even cover it.”  - April K.

"You need to go. I know it’s at a summer camp in the middle of nowhere that no one’s ever heard of, but trust me, it’s gonna be a good time.” - Che H.