Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 10-13, 2020!

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Artist Spotlight: Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings


Drawing inspiration from the likes of Carole King, Aretha Franklin, and Led Zeppelin, this blues-rooted rock band—fronted by powerhouse singer Mari Mack—is just as comfortable belting out classic rock as soothingly soulful original songs. 

What made you decide to play Bear Music Fest this year? 

"My husband (producer, bass player and band co-founder Arne) insisted we take the gig as he was about to go into his second heart procedure in two days... I was afraid if I didn't accept the date that I would be refusing his last wish. But thankfully, he came through it all right." 

What are you looking forward to about the fest?

"I'm really looking forward to hanging out in this beautiful setting, playing music and connecting with kindred, community-minded spirits."

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn't heard your music before?

"Someone once described my vocal sound as Laura Nyro meets Aretha Franklin."

What might people be surprised to learn about you?

"Folks might be interested to know that I ran for public office in 2016. I came in last, which is probably a good thing. I really need to sing."