Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 6-8, 2019

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Artist Spotlight: Tornado Rider

I... don't... know... what... to... say. 

So I'll just list some facts:

  • Rushad Eggleston, founder of Tornado Rider, is a grammy nominee. 
  • Rushad Eggleston dresses like a punk rock Robin Hood.
  • Rushad Eggleston was the first string player to be awarded a full scholarship to The Berklee College of Music.
  • Rushad Eggleston regularly sings in an invented language from an invented world called Sneth.

I don't know what to say. When you witness the frenetic tomfoolery that is Rushad Eggleston, that's what happens. It's as if he's ripped the script from out of your hands, torn it up, and howled "Stop acting!". He's trying to draw your attention to some pretty exciting things that are going on outside of that rectangular, black and white piece of paper in your hand. 

What is Tornado Rider?

Tornado Rider is a swirling bird-band of powerful goat-god victory, etc... No really, I am weird, and I invent strange fluffy worlds all the time because this "earth" world is full of idiots and always has been. Mostly I sing in my own language. But Tornado Rider is a pop-metal cartoon crossover aggression band, so I have to meet the world halfway, and make it more understandable for people. So instead of singing about total nonsense, we sing actually half-nonsense, which involves silly mythic beasts, dreamlike worlds, centaurs, minotaurs, mousetars and stuff. The idea is to have big simple jams where it says the same thing over and over again so that the big simple people of America get it. Thats why I call it a pop-metal band. We could be full on death metal but that would limit our audience so we prefer to be like the bodhisattva, and come back to save everyone from the pop music horrors of today, rather than just slip of into some self-serving grindcore enlightenment. Also we sing a lot about victory because what does everyone want? To win. That's right, win love, win money, win awards, win the playoffs, so we sing about it so people can feel that right at our shows without waiting for the cubs to finally win the world series or something.

How do you anticipate adjusting your set for this crowd?

Well we will have to see what it feels like onstage. We are going to play our money numbers, our most slamming heavy sneth metal jark power anthems, so that everybody can sweat out the suffering darkness of modern times in a catharsis of whiplash and brotherly/sisterly love even if it means shoving each other because the vibes are good. We want to make a kind of neo-hippy mosh pit where overcautious hipsters can let loose and walk the walk, and where the doctors and lawyers and scientists can cut loose and feel spontaneous and wild again, like they did when they went to the lair. Pounding adrenaline of freedom is the name of the game. 

Anything you want to say to get people excited about Bear Music Fest?

Everyone will become one quintessentially american electric power liquid that is at once pantheistic and monotheistic, a marriage of opposing electrons bison-clashed into horny sweaty victory in an ecstasy which will delight in drinking dirt and screaming to Satan Johnson and God Martinez simultaneously while holding a Corona. 

It's time to rock and roll. It's time to set the record straight and disintegrate all the layers of fakeness and wannabe rock that have infected today's world of mass produced fear, turning whole generations into wusses. All the trendy whiners who have been hoarding the airwaves with their pre-paid pathetic promotion will finally be silenced and melted back to the fool's gold that bought their status, in the wake of the transdimensional heavy metal supernova that is Tornado Rider. 

Up for some Sneth-Metal?

How about a few Jark Power Anthems? Catch Tornado Rider at Bear Music Fest.