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BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 10-13, 2020!

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Flow Tribe

“Even though the song is called ‘Sexy Body,’ we’re celebrating femininity inside and out,” Flow Tribe’s K.C. O’Rorke says of his band’s new music video… it’s a classic R&B slow jam dedicated to that singular struggle: pining for the love of someone whose appeal drives us to do things we wouldn’t normally do.

In it, “traditional” gender roles (whatever that means in 2018 America) are flipped and, as is more frequently the case, the woman plays the role of the hardworking provider. Meanwhile, at home, is her male partner who at various times throughout finds himself baking a pie and scrubbing a tub.” - OffBeat Magazine




Few bands arouse a crowd into a collective shake like Flow Tribe. The six-member band’s onstage chemistry reflects a seamless combination of soul and movement that hits the audience within the first few notes. Virgin listeners and avid fans alike are drawn in by the distinctive sound that feels both familiar and original. From major festival stages around the world to leading a parade down the street, this is a group of professional musicians who’ve found their passion, and are living a dream where everyone’s welcome.

Second line brass and Cuban-Caribbean rhythms meld with R&B, soul, rock, and hip-hop beats in high-energy performances that turn every show into a celebration. New Orleans is influence itself, the unparalleled free and easy city weaving its way into track after track of original scores that make up a single definition of sound, which Flow Tribe has dubbed “backbone-cracking music.”