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The Brothers Footman

“R&B, soul and hip-hop — some things go together like glue. Throw rock ’n’ roll into the mix? Sure. But add something like country, and you’ll find yourself in a new musical stew. ‘It’s summa this, and summa that,’ said Joshua “Bubby” Footman, one of the four Footman brothers in the band. ‘It’s a little bit of country, a little bit of rock ’n’ roll and a whole lot of soul.’” -Jackson Hole News & Guide




Music lovers who are eager to treat their ears to something fresh and unique would do well to check out a local band by the name of The Brothers Footman. The group's sound is inspired by a variety of genres including country, Motown, gospel and R&B. Listeners will enjoy their smooth vocals as the brothers harmonize over energetic rifts.

Brothers Dikembe, Gerald (G), Micah (Sauce), and Joshua (Bubby) Footman, and adopted brother Zach Craft makes up the band, The Brothers Footman. Though the group is a new endeavor, the band has been surrounded by music all of their lives as their families have all been musical influences.

"We grew up around music and kind of just picked it up ourselves. Our father's side of the family can play and sing, and our mother is very musically talented and trained many vocal groups. One Christmas, we got instruments instead of presents, and since then we have been like, yeah, this is what we do," said Bubby.