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Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings

Photo Credit - Chris Duffey

Photo Credit - Chris Duffey


Mari started singing as a toddler, indoctrinated with love for jazz and big band by her father; blues, rock, gospel and r&b from her older siblings. Before the age of 18, she was paying her dues, singing rock, r&b and blues in clubs all over the NY area. After a post-gig auto accident that totaled her car and left her without a scratch, she thanked her lucky stars and took it as a sign to make a change in her lifestyle. "I was very lonely, my family was fractured and my mom lived out in San Francisco, so I packed my bags and headed out west. I figured that I would just stay there for a few weeks and then head down to LA to make films, but that never happened."

Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings is a soulful blues rooted rock band from Northern California formed by Mari Mack (vocals) and Arne Frager (producer.) The pair met in 2000 when she arrived at the legendary Plant Studios in Sausalito to record an album with jam band Gregg's Eggs, an offshoot of local favorites Zero. After closing The Plant in 2008, Arne finished producing her first solo album "Can't Go Back." He then set about handpicking players to form a band around this powerhouse singer who can belt out the blues and classic rock or soothe you with one of her soulful original tunes. MMLLK draws influence from artists ranging from Albert King, Freddie King, BB King, Carole King, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, Traffic and many more.