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BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 10-13, 2020!

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Bear Music Fest Announces HUGE Brand Partner for 2019 Festival!

The boutique, under-the-radar music festival, Bear Music Fest, announced a major partnership today to make this year’s festival the most Instagrammable ever. Looking to capitalize on the success of pop-up experiences such as Museum of Ice Cream, 29Rooms, Color Factory and The Museum of Pizza, Bear Music Fest 2019 will place a massive focus on creating ultra-realistic and hyper-immersive environments.

Bay Area locals and influencers are ecstatic with the news that this year’s festival, held Sept 5-8th at the Lair of the Bear (in Pinecrest, CA), will feature a plethora of unique, lifelike elements such as fresh mountain air, granite rocks and various sized pine cones.  


"Each of our guests can hug their own tree without having to wait in line!"

“Imagine arriving at the BMF experience immediately feeling transported into another world - the world of nature,” says founding producer, Amanda Back. “Around each corner will be two hundred foot tall towering structures representing all different species of pine trees.  The environment will be completely interactive allowing guests to touch, and even fully embrace each tree. And, through this incredibly generous partnership with Mother Nature, we will actually have enough trees so that each of our guests can hug their own tree without having to wait in line! It’s incredible.”

The scenic design and props will not be limited to trees.  Early rumours and undisclosed sketches indicate elements such as dirt, small rocks, pine needles and bark will be present to increase the realism. “We are really hoping they will have moss on the tree structures.  There is nothing quite like moss to provide a truly realistic and immersive experience,” says festival goer Rusty Johnson.


"There is nothing quite like moss to provide a truly realistic and immersive experience.”

Fans of the now defunct Disneyland attraction, The Country Bear Jamboree, will be excited to learn Bear Music Fest will provide its own line of lifelike animatronics.  Naturalistic characters such as squirrels, chipmunks, birds and frogs will all be on location for the entire weekend.  According to festival producer Louise Glasgow, “Mother Nature loves to surprise us with some of their cinematic moving show elements. The sounds, movements and interactions are incredibly convincing. And while [Mother Nature] is very generous, we have provided them a list of which ones we prefer to avoid, such as most insects and bears. It’s hard to say whether they will listen to our requests.”

Festival organizers also confirmed that the immersive activations will take place at all hours. Complimenting the incredible live music each night will be a layer of small blinking lights powered by nuclear fusion perfectly resembling stars.  Starting at sundown, this expansive lightscape will be visible from all locations throughout the venue and will stay on until sunrise. “Even when you wake to pee, you can just look up and experience the light show while walking to the bathroom,” says festival producer Mike Baker.

Leaked notes from a tense round of closed door negotiations revealed that Mother Nature has reluctantly agreed to only provide a first quarter moon for this year’s dates.  That said, producer Leah Lane is hopeful for the future. “We believe that if we can continue building a positive partnership, Mother Nature will provide us the full moon by 2022.”
However, in a total reversal of expectations, due to the strong first quarter snowpack earnings, Mother Nature has indicated they will be enthusiastically gifting a creek to run through the festival grounds.  Early site plans show this creek supplying an environmental soundscape to the festival much like that of a creek running through the mountains.

“The realism is going to be incredible!  I volunteer at hundreds of festivals and I have never seen a sponsor pay this much attention to detail,” declared festival volunteer, Sunny Lovechild.

Although many could consider this an ideal partnership, it is not without its challenges. Sources say Mother Nature has refused all attempts at a binding contract guaranteeing its offerings. “We have had to tread lightly.  This brand is incredibly powerful and could decide to change things on us very quickly,” says founding producer Kevin Merritt. “While we don’t expect to have major problems, we still cannot get a full commitment to anything. They have agreed to handle all our climate control and so we have asked for a least a small indication of what we should expect. At best, they are willing to offer an estimate ten days out with just a range of temperatures and still no guarantee. Of course, it’s nerve wracking but the value of the relationship is such that we have no choice.”

Bear Music Fest is not alone. Talk with industry insiders indicates that as far back as 1969 many have tried festival partnerships with Mother Nature with varying degrees of success.

"Just look up and experience the light show."


“The Mother Nature brand is providing photo enhancement to almost every performance! Who else can say that?” exclaimed Amanda at today’s press conference.  She then quietly added, “Of course, we have no internet available so most of the posts won’t go through, but that is probably a good thing since Instagram is selling your data without your knowledge anyway.”

Perhaps the most exciting part of the epic announcement came at the end of today’s press conference held on the stoop of Kevin’s Brooklyn apartment building.  Speaking proudly to a group of approximately four eight-year-olds he said, “After more than three years of intense Instagram research into what our guests really want, we have observed the popularity of The Museum of Ice Cream’s sprinkle pool.  We too will be bringing you a pool!” Cheers as well as some honking (due to a nearby traffic jam) could be heard on the street. “Unfortunately, we can’t afford to clean up the sprinkles so we have decided instead to fill our pool with water. While we know some will be disappointed, we hope that many more will appreciate our efforts and enjoy swimming in water.”

Now that the primary brand partner is locked into place, BMF will start announcing it’s 2019 lineup and complete cabin reservations this month.  This is a very exciting time for Bear Music Fest.