Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 6-8, 2019

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Bear Music Fest Announces HUGE Brand Partner for 2019 Festival!

The boutique, under-the-radar music festival, Bear Music Fest, announced a major partnership today to make this year’s festival the most Instagrammable ever. Looking to capitalize on the success of pop-up experiences such as Museum of Ice Cream, 29Rooms, Color Factory and The Museum of Pizza, Bear Music Fest 2019 will place a massive focus on creating ultra-realistic and hyper-immersive environments.

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A Newbie's Guide to BMF

“I worried that my hopes for the fest were simply too high. I’d come to imagine BMF as a transcendent odyssey, complete with incredible music, an awe-inspiring natural setting, and a vibrant community of kindred spirits. That’s a lot to expect from a second-year festival. Hell, I’d gone to Bonnaroo with equally lofty hopes only to end up dehydrated, underwhelmed, and many dollars in the hole. What if Bear Music Fest ended up being a bust, too?

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t.”

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2018 Artist Announcements Begin!

We will be announcing our 2018 lineup over the next few weeks.  We like to give you only a few at a time so you can take a moment to explore in the uniqueness and diversity of music you'll get at this year's festival.  As you enjoy this Memorial Day weekend you can also enjoy the anticipation of hanging out this fall in the beautiful Sierra mountains with the amazing folks below.  

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RIFF Magazine: Bear Music Fest makes performance more intimate in inaugural year

"The sound seems tailor-made for a pool party. Prophet lays down vintage guitar sounds through swimmy reverbs. And he punctuates his performance with little shouts and asides that come through a second microphone rigged to sound like an antique radio... A couple paddles up and clings to the wall closest to the stage. Some resorts have swim-up bars. This show has a swim-up first row."

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