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Helen Gillet

Taking the Cello on a joy ride! Helen Gillet is a both a singer-songwriter and surrealist-archeologist, equally focused on the worlds of synthesized sound and acoustic cello, who’s known for her eclectic palette – which includes avant-garde jazz, French chansons, funk, alternative rock, and the bohemian flair of the Velvet Underground.  Though Gillet had already begun to experiment with improvisational music prior to her arrival in New Orleans, she’s since flourished into one of the most unique, talented, and beloved artists in the Crescent City.  She’s worked with artists including Arcade Fire, Kid Koala, Cassandra Wilson, Dr. John, and Marianne Faithfull and not surprisingly, is a regular at New Orlean's acclaimed Jazz Fest. With her onstage arsenal she fabricates each song with a true mastery of live looping technology and conjures a different side of New Orleans in the Sierras. 

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