Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 7-9, 2018

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Task Management with Asana

We use Asana for...

  • To-Do Lists
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Project Management
  • Task-Based Communication (Task Questions, Task Status Updates, etc.)
  • Linking Tasks to relevant G Drive files

When Not to use Asana...

Quick Tips

  • Learn more about Asana with the Asana Guide articles & tutorials.
  • To keep the team accountable, do the following for each task you create:
    • Assign tasks to the appropriate teammate.
    • Create reasonable Due Dates.
    • Add followers at the bottom of the task or mentioning in a comment (@___).
  • Comment to provide status updates and ask task-based questions.

Asana Structure & BMF Translation

  • Team = Bear Music Fest
  • Projects = Departments
  • Project Owner = Department Head
    • Department Heads are accountable for keeping their respective Asana Projects organized & up-to-date.
  • Project Members = Team Members
  • Parent Tasks = Sub-Departments
    • To create, type a colon at the end of a task name.
  • Tasks = To-Do Items, Meeting Titles, & groups of related Subtasks
  • Subtasks = Meeting Agenda Items, etc.
    • Tip: Assign subtasks to a team member to avoid subtasks getting buried.
  • Tags = Status Details


  • Types of Tags
    • None (Default) = New Tasks and Completed Tasks
    • Start Soon
    • In Progress
    • Need Approval
    • High Priority
    • Template = For Tasks/Projects that can be copied.
  • Tagging Tips
    • Click/Search for a specific tag to view progress reports across Departments.
    • When completing tasks, remember to delete the “In Progress” tag.