Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 7-9, 2018

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1. Find A Time

  • Use the relevant department's Slack channel to find a time that works for everyone (See our Slack Guide).
    • If applicable to multiple departments, use the Project Management Slack channel (#project-mgmt).
  • As noted in our Email Guide:
    • Please do not email teammates that exist already on Slack or Asana.
    • Use email only to communicate with external groups.

2. Send a Confirmation

3. Add to Calendars

  • UberConference automatically sends a confirmation email & reminders with options for invitees to add to their personal calendars on Gcal and/or iCal.

4. Create an Agenda

  • Use Asana's relevant department to build a meeting agenda task (See Task Management with Asana).
    • If applicable multiple departments, use the Project Management department.
  • Use subtasks to build out talking points.
  • Assign a notetaker during the meeting to create new tasks / action items.


And finally, let the meeting commence!