Bear Music Fest
BEAR MUSIC FEST • Sept 7-9, 2018

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Slack Guide

Have a general question about how Slack works? For step-by-step guides and support, check out Slack Guides: Tips for beginners and experts alike.

We use Slack for...

  • ALL Internal Team Communication (See Best Practices: Team Communication).
  • Sharing interesting & resourceful links.
  • Referencing files that exist in G Drive.

Quick Tips

  • Each channel "#___" corresponds to a festival department.
  • Mention teammates using "@___".

When NOT to use Slack

  • Please do not send private messages that relate to an existing Slack channel. If concerned about privacy or security, request that the Systems & Tech department (#systems-tech) create a new private channel.
  • No uploading stray files unless they already exist in G Drive (See Document Storage with Google Drive).
  • Please do not speak in-depth about a particular document or article – for example, to communicate about a Google Document, use that specific document's comment thread.
  • No To-Do Lists (See Task Management with Asana).